5th Semester General English Notes Pdf File

5th Semester General English Notes Pdf File

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About Agha’s poem

Agha Shahid has personified the wolf- one of the most infamous characters in a European mythical tale. The poet turns didactic and makes the wolf write a postscript to bring home his view point in the Poem. The wood cutter of the tale is also re-created to present the opposite view of the same tale.
In the old tale, we find a little girl wearing red hood visiting her ill grandmother. She however, meets the wolf who rushes to her grandmother’s house, eats her up, dresses like her and waits for the girl to come. The bad wolf devours her too. The voice reaches a passing wood cutter who kills the wolf and rips his body to retrieve the grandmother and clothes thereof.
There are many version of the same story but all common in the notion that wolf eats the grandmother and the red hood girl.
Summary:-The poem is didactic in nature. The poet personifies the wolf- the bad villainous character in the popular culture. The wolf justifies himself by providing contrasting view of the old story. The wolf 
begins by boasting that it is for the sake of future generation that he provides his version of the story.
He wants permission from his readers to tell them that little girls should not speak to strangers. They also must not wonder in search of strange flowers. The wolf explains that he would have gobbled the red hood girl

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right then in the jungle while encountering her for the first time. He candidly admits that the girl was fairly pretty but he is not a child molester. He feels that he gave enough time to the girl to decide how not to be countered by him.

Even the wolf boasts that he had all the cou
rage to defeat the woodcutter but scarified 
himself to bring joy and bliss to the children. To see children laugh gives joy to him as well these justifications on part of wolf seem genuine and right to the readers.

Some bio about poet Ak Ramanujan

Attipat Krishnaswami Ramanujan had equal expertise in both English and Kannada.He was considered an expert in Indian literature. Ramanujan was born in the city of Mysore to an Iyengar family in the year 1929. He received his education in the University of Mysore and the Indiana University.

As a writer Ramanujan had the experience of both the native as well as the foreign  milieu and as a result he was able to incorporate the cultures and conventions of both the east and the west.

Ramanujan’s poetry seemed to grow out of Indian experience and sensibility with all its memories of family, local places, images, beliefs and history. At the same time his writings included a modern stance with its scepticism, ironies and sense of living from moment to moment in an ever changing world in which older values and beliefs are often considered as unrealistic.

Ramanujan through his writing could evoke the warmth of traditional family life and closeness of long remembered relationships. More often he showed conflicts, arguments and surprises. He also showed that the supposed glory of Tamil cultural heritage is a fiction which ignored the reality of the past.

It can be said that Ramanujan’s memory are located in the specific society of the Tamil Brahmins. His poems avoided vague generalizations about India and were set in particular situations or scenes or developed from reflections on specific topics. Nor did his poem contain a fixed attitude or stance which the poems set out to communicate rather the poems changed direction and seemed  unpredictable as they developed with the ending often different from the values implied at the beginning of a poem.

The sophistication with which Ramanujan recreated and treated South Indian culture was also reflected in his techniques which like his translation often seemed a modern 
recreation of the spirit and methods of Tamil and Kannada verse.

The word play, puns, inner rhymes, rhetorical devices, ironies, distanced neutrality of tones, understatement, compression and elliptical progression of the poems had similarities his translations. This does not mean that Ramanujan was not affected by the reading of Yeats and other contemporary writers but as a writer he was highly aware of the conventions, techniques and structures of Indian verse and these had been used and transformed in his English poetry.

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