BBA 6th Semester Material Management Study Material/Mcqs Kashmir University

BBA 6th Semester Material Management Study Material/Mcqs Kashmir University

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BBA 6th Semester Study Material/Mcqs Kashmir University

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1.Product life cycles for many products are ________, forcing companies to not only become ________ in design but also to communicate changes and needs to suppliers and distributors.

1. shrinking rapidly, more flexible

2. shrinking rapidly, less flexible

3. growing rapidly, more flexible

4. growing rapidly, less flexible

2.All portions of the material production from __________ to ___________ are considered to be a linked chain under the supply chain concept.

1. work in process, final customer

2. raw material, work in process

3. work in process, raw material

4. raw material, final customer

3.To get the most profit, a company should________

1. Provide little customer service

2. Provide high production costs

3. Provide the lowest inventory investment

4. Provide the highest distribution costs

4.Finance must keep investment and costs low. This can be done by___________

1. Increasing inventory so inventory investment is at a maximum

2. Decreasing the number of plants and warehouses

3. Producing small quantities

4. Using short production runs

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5.Today the concepts of ______ manufacturing stress the need to supply customers with what they want when they want it and to keep inventories at a _______.

1. TQM, maximum

2. Six Sigma, maximum

3. JIT, minimum

4. ISO 9000, minimum

6._______ and ______ are costs that increase or decrease with the quantity sold.

1. Direct labor, indirect material

2. Direct labor, direct material

3. Indirect labor, indirect material

4. Indirect labor, direct material

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