BG 6th Semester Guess Paper Download PDF

In this Post JK Study Hub Share With you Kashmir University BG 6th Semester Guess Paper, Download PDF.

BG 6th Semester Sociology Guess Paper Download PDF
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BG 6th Semester English Guess Paper Download PDF

  1. Various kinds of injustice faced by blacks in America
  2. List of dreams that king spells out in his speech
  3. Purpose of Lathers Speech & message or Theme of his speech.
  4. Luther stress on non-violence in his speech
  5. According to Sen ‘Our Global Civilization is a World Heritage’ Define
  6. Concept of Sen about Globalization
  7. The “Dog that Bite the People” as a humorous story
  8. Write character sketch of the Dog
  9. What are the importance of GD and write its types
  10. Good etiquette of Telephone
  11. Define Interview & its objectives
  12. Write the structure of presentation and what are uses of presentation ?

BG 6th Semester Sociology Guess Paper Download PDF

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