Chemistry Bsc 1st Semester Notes/Study Material Kashmir University 2021

Chemistry Bsc 1st Semester Notes/Study Material Kashmir University 2021

Chemistry Bsc 1st Semester Notes/Study Material Kashmir University 2021

In this post Jk study hub provides you Chemistry Syllabus & notes/study Material of BG/BA/UG/Bsc 1st/Ist sem Kashmir University/UoK for 2021 batch in pdf Format. Click below to download.
Chemistry Bsc 1st Semester Notes/Study Material Kashmir University 2021

Syllabus of Chemistry 1st semester Kashmir University


Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (15 Contact hours)
Ionic bond: Lattice energy and Born Haber Cycle. Factors affecting the structure of ionic solids; Radius ratio effect; Coordination number and limitations of radius ratio rule. Solvation energy and solubility of ionic solids. 
Covalent bond: Formation of hydrogen molecule, Polarity in covalent bonds, Covalent-character of ionic bond, Fajan’s rules, Percentage ionic character of a polar covalent bond. Dipole moment. Valence bond theory: Directional characteristics of covalent bond and types of hybridizations. Limitations of VB theory. VSEPR theory: Assumptions; geometry of covalent molecules (BeF2, BF3, CH4, PCl5, SF6, SnCl2, NH3, H2O, SF4, ClF3 and XeF2). 
Molecular orbital theory: MO treatment of homo & hetero nuclear diatomic molecules (N2, O2, CO & NO). Energy level diagrams, Bond order and applications.


S-Block Elements (15 Contact hours)

Electronegativity and electron affinity: Determination and applications. Effective nuclear charge, slater rules and its applications. Position of hydrogen in periodic table. Isotopes of hydrogen. Chemical reactivity of s-block elements towards water, oxygen, nitrogen and halogens. Anomalous behaviour and diagonal relationships (Lithium, Beryllium, Magnesium and Aluminum). Solubility of alkali metals in ammonia, Ionic conductance. Chemical characteristics of the compounds of alkali and alkaline earth metals; oxides and hydroxides, carbonates, sulphates, halides. Hydrides and their classification.

Unit III:

General Organic Chemistry (15 Contact Hours)

Reactive intermediates: Structure, generation and stability of carbocations, carbanions, free-radicals, carbenes, benzynes and nitrenes.
Aromaticity: Molecular orbital description of benzene. Requirements of aromaticity. Huckel’s rule and its significance. Antiaromatics and non-aromatics. Aromaticity of non-benzenoid compounds like pyrrole, thiophene, furan, pyridine and aromatic ions (3, 5 and 7-membered rings). Stereochemistry: Chirality (up to 2 carbon atoms), Interconversion of Wedge formula, Newmann, 
Sawhorse and Fischer representations, Conformers, Conformations with respect to ethane, butane and cyclohexane. Geometrical Isomerism: Cis-trans-nomenclature, E / Znomenclature (up to two C=C systems).
Optical isomerism: Enantiomerism, Diastereomerism and Meso compounds. D and L system. CIP rules: R/ S (for up to 2 chiral carbon atoms). Threo and erythro isomers.


STATES OF MATTER (15 Contact hours)

Gaseous State: Deviation of gases from ideal behavior, van der Waal’s equation of state.
Critical Phenomenon: PV isotherms of real gases, continuity of states, the isotherms of van derWaal’s equation. Relationship between critical constants and van der Waal’s constants, the law of corresponding states, reduced equation of state. Molecular velocities: Qualitative discussion of the Maxwell’s distribution of molecular velocities. root 
mean square, average and most probable velocities; collision number, mean free path and collision diameter. Liquid State: Vapour pressure, Viscosity and Surface tension of liquids. Solid State: Laws of crystallography: (i) Law of constancy of interfacial angles (ii) Law of rational indices and (iii) Law of symmetry
Symmetry elements in crystals, lattice planes and miller indices. Bragg’s equation and derivation. Interplanar distances in terms of miller indices.
Students are advised to download full syllabus in pdf file from the official website of kashmir university.

Chemistry Bsc 1st Semester Notes/Study Material Kashmir University 2021
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