Chemistry Mcqs/Study Material For BG 6th Semester

Chemistry Mcqs/Study Material For BG 6th Semester

Dear friends this post is about the objectives Study Material Mcqs of Subject- Chemistry: Material Chemistry.

Chemistry Mcqs/Study Material For BG 6th Semester
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Syllabus:- chemistry option II

Unit-I Elementary Lattice Dynamics 

Lattice Vibrations and Phonons: Linear Monatomic and Diatomic Chains. Acoustical and Optical Phonons. Qualitative Description of the Phonon Spectrum in Solids. Dulong and Petit’s Law, Einstein and Debye theories of specific heat of solids. T3 law

Unit-II Magnetic Properties of Matter

Dia-, Para-,Ferri- and Ferromagnetic Materials. Classical Langevin Theory of dia — and Paramagnetic Domains. Quantum Mechanical Treatment of Paramagnetism.Curie’s law, Weiss’s.Theory of Temperature dependence of magnetism.

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Unit-III Nonmaterial

Nanormaterials-General introduction, special properties of Nanormaterials with special reference to Nanotubes, Fullurenes, Nanometal Nanoparticles, carbon Nanotubes.Preparation of gold and silver metallic Nanoparticles. Surfactant and Polymers based self-assemb1ies likeMicelles and gels etc. and brief account of their applications.

Unit-IV superconducting materials

History and introduction to Superconductivity, Characteristics of Superconductors Heat capacity and Thermal Conductivity, Effect of Temperature on Superconductivity, BCS theory of Superconductivity, Applications.

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