English MCQs Objectives For BG 4th Semester Kashmir University

English MCQs Objectives For BG 4th Semester Kashmir University

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 Qno1 :- We travel to open our

• Our hands

Our hearts and eyes

Qno2 :- Difference between tourist and traveller is

One complaints and another grumbles

Qno3 :- Travel is the best way to save from

Abstraction and ideology

• Dangerous animal

• None 

Qno4 :- Travelling is a way to 

Reverse time

• Forward time

• None 

Qno5 :- Pico iyer is a ………………..essayist

• Greek 

• Indian


Qno6 :- The name of Pico iyer’s father was

• Rajesh N Iyer

Raghavan N Iyer

Qno7 :- Pico Iyer maintains that travelling

• Allows us to see how provincial we are

• Saves us from reductionism

• Shakes up our complacencies

All of the above 

Qno8 :- The world that Pico Iyer describes in this essay is

• Technologically advanced

• Highly mobile 

• Multicultural 

All of the above 

Qno9 :- Who among the following said, travelling is a fool’s paradise

• Henry David Thoreau

• George Santayana

Ralph Waldo Emerson

• Sir Thomas Brown

Qno10 :- Santayana believed that travel can

• Keep the mind nimble

• Kill prejudice

• Foster humour

All of the above

Qno11 :- Pico Iyer was born in

• Japan 

• Kashmir 

Oxford England

• None 

Qno12 :- what teetotaller means in the lesson

• One who drinks alcohol

• One who drinks milk

One who never drinks alcohol

• None 

Qno13 :- you need to work harder, …………………..you’ll get fired


• Moreover 

• Instead 

Qno14 :- He is a very weak leader ………………most people support

• Otherwise 


• However 


 1-The Diary of a Young Girl (Extract)

Anne Frank

Qno16 :- Diary is not to keep odd ideas but to

• Bring out things that are calculated

Bring out things that lie buried

Qno17 :- The reason for any Frank to keep diary is that

• She has a real friend

She has no such real friend

Qno18 :- Anne Frank lacks

• Wealth 


Qno19 :- the phrase ‘mind’s eye’ means

• Imagination 

• Feelings 

All of the above 

Qno20 :- Anny Frank calls her diary a nickname


• Witty 

Qno21 :- the phrase out of the blue means

• Expected 


Qno22 :- The age difference between Anne’s parents is

• 12 years

• 11 years 

13 years 

Qno23 :- The family of Anne Frank migrated to Holland in


• 1935

• 1934

Qno24 :- The migration of family is due to

• Financial problem 

Hitler’s Anti-jewish laws

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Qno25 :- What are the Anti-Jewish orders

• Wearing a yellow star 

• Banned from trans (public transports)

• Not to visit theaters

• Forbidden to drive

All of these 

Qno26 :- the Anti-Jewish orders to stop between

• 4 and 5 O’clock

• 3 and 5 O’clock

• 5 and 6 O’clock

Qno27 :- Anne has a strong loving bond with her 

• Mother 


• Sister

Qno28 :- What is the name of Anne’s father

• Johny Frank

Otto Frank 

Qno29 :- Anne Frank was born in 

• 1925

• 1928

• 1927


Qno30 :- Anne Frank died in

• 1935

• 1929


• 1940

Qno31 :- Otto was a member of …………….company

• Christian 


Qno32 :- Anne wrote her diary when she was

13 years old

• 14 years old

• 15 years old

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Qno33 :- The poem ID card is about

• India 

• England 


• None 

Qno34 :- I am a Arab refers to

Islamic culture 

• Hindu culture 

Qno35 :- Mohd Darwish was a

• Indian poet

• Pakistani poet 

Palestinian poet

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Qno36 :- Darwish was born in

Al-birwa in galileo

• India 

• None 

Qno37 :- Pen as a gun

• Between fingers

Between thumb and finger

Qno38 :- seamus Heaney was the poet of

• 21th century

• 19th century

20th century

• 16th century

Qno39 :- Seamus Heaney was born in

• England 

• India 

Castle down 

• Iran

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