Full Study Material For Jkssb Finance Post

Full Study Material For Jkssb Finance Post

Syllabus for FAA post:

Full Study Material For Jkssb Finance Post,jkssb study materials, jkssb results, jkssb updates,
Jkssb study materials

1.General knowledge with special reference of j&k
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Early History of Jammu and Kashmir  Kalhana, the first historian of Kashmir, was a 12th century AD poet-historian who wrote the Rajatarangini during 1148-1150 AD. It provides the earliest source on Kashmir that can be labelled as a reliable ‘historical text’ on this region.

Nilamata Purana is the earliest known text of Kashmir which was written by some Kashmiri Brahmins between 6th and 7th century AD. It contains the sacred legends regarding the origin of the Kashmir valley, the rites and worships prescribed by Nila-The Lord of Kashmir Nagas. But it is not considered that much reliable as Rajatarangini text.

However, Kalhana used this text as a source to write history of Kashmir.
According to the ‘Nilmata Purana’, Kashmir was once a lake which was drained out  by rishi ‘Kashyapa’, who then asked people to settle in the valley. The people then named the valley as Kashyap Mar and Kashyap Pura.

The land had different names by different people like the ancient Greeks called this  as Kasperia and the Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang, who visited the Kashmir valley around 631 AD called it Kashi-Mi-Lo. The Kashmiri call their land as Kasheer.

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2.Accountancy knowledge

Every Individual performs some kind of economic activity. A salaried person gets salary and spends to buy Grocery and clothing, for children’s education, construction of house, etc.
A business run by an individual or a group of individuals also carries many economic activities like purchase of goods, sale of goods, payment of shop rent, payment of salaries to employees etc. Similarly, a government raises money through taxes and spends on various developmental activities.

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3.General English

There are two classes of verbs.
(i) Ordinary/Regular verbs,
(ii) Auxiliary verbs
Auxiliary verbs are of two kinds
(a) Primary Auxilary (b) Modal Auxiliary
Be, do, have May, might, should, must, will etc.
What is Modal Auxilary?
A verb used to express the mood (mode) or attitude of a speaker is called Modal
Auxiliary. For example
(i) You should regularly go for a morning walk.
(ii) They must attend tomorrow’s meeting.
(iii) May I use your pen please?
(iv) You can park the car in front of our house.
(v) You may take these books home.
(vi) Could you open the door please?
Most Commonly Used Modals
Can Could May Might
Should Would Must Ought to
Am/Was to Have/Had to Used to Need
Dare Shall, Will

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4.Statistics knowledge

In early 1900s, statistics and statisticians were not given much importance but over 
the years due to advancement of technology it had its wider scope and gained attention 
in all fields of science and management. We also tend to think statistician as a small 
profession but a steady growth in the last century is impressive. 

5. Economics

In view of the growing problem of unemployment and under-employment 
prevailing in the country it is very difficult to make an estimate of the total number of unemployment in a country like India. 

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6. knowledge of computer

An input device can be defined as an electro mechanical device that allows the user to feed data into the computer for analysis and storage and to give commands to the  
computer. The data is entered into the
main memory through the input devices. They accept instructions from the user and convert the accepted instructions into the machine language.

7. General science
Compiled 300 General Science Questions PDF
In this E-book, you will get -:
100 Physics Questions and Answers
100 Chemistry Questions and Answers
100 Biology Questions and Answers
This General Science questions PDF covers almost all the important topics to be prepared for Railway Exams like Chemical Compounds, Acids & Bases, Physics Laws, Human Body, Viruses, Dise.
U guys see it carefully is this pdf’s objectives is same according to your syllubus in FAA.

8. Mathematics

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