JKSSB Questions Asked in Assistant Compiler Exam Recently

JKSSB Questions Asked in Assistant Compiler Exam Recently

*Questions asked in Assistant compiler exam on 28-12-2021 2nd shift*

JKSSB Revised/Final Answer Keys of CBT for Various Posts

1.talcher thermal power plant is in which state

2.sang e safed is in which district of j&k

3.valley of shepherds 

4.lakes named after two tears of goddess parvati 

5.one question on tributaries of ruvers

6.wular is in which district.

7.dachigam was declared protected area in which year. 

8.Nanda devi national park is in which state? 

9.which river has its origin outside the country (option based) 

10. Currency of Mexico. 

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11.capital of phillipines 

12. In which type of system do people vote to choose their representatives.

13. A question on presidential election 

14.BIMSTEC headquarter & members (2 questions)

15.CR formula was given by

16.David Macmillan got noble prize in which field

17.first women to reach north pole

18.mithali raj is related to which sports 

19.who discovered Australia 

20.IMF comes under which international org

21.world bank is headquartered in

22.full form of jpef & isdn? 

23.BDC is elected according to which schedule

 of pri act1989.

24. United association of patriotric indians was founded by? 

25. Treaty of saughali between British & nepal was signed in? 

26. Save silent valley movement started in?

27. 3rd session of INC held at. 

28. President of muslim league when pakistan resolution was passed? 

29. IUCN status of himalayan ibex. 

30. Worlds only nuclear reactor to use U-235 as fuel? 

31 name of two brothers who killed two British officers during freedom struggle.

32 last governor general of independent india. 

33 Roof water harvesting technique recharges………? (Option based)


34 latitude of tropic of cancer.

34 Frigid zone & torrid zone is between? 

35 Editor of kesari newspaper?

36 Uri is situated on the banks of which river.

37 Maximum Saffron producing state in india

38 Writs can be issued by supreme court under which article 

39  Respecting national anthem & national flag is mentioned in which part of constitution.

40  A question on Zamindari syestem 

41  Name of commander of bahadur shah 

42  Question on chronological order of events happened during freedom struggle.

43  Theory of lyceum was given by which philosopher.

44 Navratri festival was recently organised and celebrated by which deptt of j&k.

45  Hindi we speak today is written in which script.

46 theory of natural selection was given by. 

47 First commercial satellite launched by india. 

48 why was Non coperation movement was suspended.

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