MCQS on National parks of Jammu and Kashmir

MCQS on National parks of Jammu and Kashmir

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Q) Which of the following national park is called 10 village national park ?

1) Dachigham

2) Kistwar national park

3) Hemis national park

4) city forest National park.


Q) which of the following statement is correct regards Dachigham National park?

1) It Covers an area of 141.00

2)  It comprises the catchments of the Dagwan River.

3) it is located 21 km North_East of Srinagar m

4) All of the above are following.

 Ans_All Are Following.

Q)  ____declared as protected Area in 1910 , there are about 15O species of birds, & is vital not only as a refuge for kashmiri stag but also the catchments for Harwan Reservoir?

A) Dachigham National park

B) Salim Ali national park.

C) Hemis national park

D) Kistwar national park.

Ans_Dachigam National Park

Q) when did Dachigham declared as national park ?

1) 1991

B) 2007

C) 1982

D) 1981


Q)  Hemis national park was declared as national park in ?

A) 1987

B) 1999

C) 1981

D) 1983


Q) select the correct statement regards Hemis national park ?

A) It Covers an area about 4400 km^2

B) it derives its Name from Hemis Gompa .

C) It is the largest park of South Asea.

D) all of the above are correct.

Ans_All Of The Above.

Q) when did Kistwar  national park declared as national park?

1) 1879

2) 1888

3) 1981



Q) Hemis national park is famous for?

A) markhor

B) Snow leopard

C) Hangul

D) None of the above.


Q) Kistwar national park Covers area of ?

A) 42500

B) 5000

C) 2300

D) 5600


Kistwar national park is famous for?

A) Markor

B)  brown bear

C) Both A & D

D) Himalayan snow cock 

Ans_ brown_bear_&_Himalayan_Snow_Cock

Q) how much area is covered by Salim Ali national park?

1) 9.0




 Ans_9.0 sq Km

 Q) Salim Ali national park is also called as ?

A) ten village national park

B) City forest National

C) Both 

D) High altitude national park.

Ans_City_Forest_National _park

Q) when was Salim Ali national park established?

A) 1986

B) 1987

C) 1899

D) 1895


Q) who converted Salim Ali/ city forest National into Royal spring Golf course between 1998_2001 ?

1) Mehooba mufti

2) Omar Abdullah

3) Farooq Abdullah

4) shekh Abdullah


Q)  Salim Ali national park is famous for?

1) Markhor

2) Snow leopard

3) Musk deer

4) Hangul


Q) It is situated in the north bank of Jhelum close to the line of control in Baramullah district. It is a part of proposal for a trans_Karakoram park with Pakistan and was created after the kargil war ?

A) Dachigham National park

2) Kishtwar national park

3) City forest National park

4) Hemis national park

 Ans_Kazinag national park.

Q) slect the correct match ?

1) Kazinag national park= Baramullah

2) City forest National park= Srinagar

3) Hemis national park= Leh

4) Dachigham = Srinagar /Pulwama

E) All of the above are correct

 Ans_All_Of _The_Above.

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