Most Expecting GK For JKSSB And Other Competitive Exams

Most Expecting GK For All Competitive exams

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Jkssb JKSSB Study Materials

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Ques1. Aritz Aduriz, who recently announced

his retirement, is associated with which sports?

[A] Football

[B] Basket Ball

[C] F1 Racing

[D] Golf

Ques2. Who is the winner of the US Open

2019 Men’s title?

(a) Roger Federer

(b) Rafael Nadal

(c) Daniil Medvedev

(d) Novak Djokovic

Ques3. Which of the following geographical 

term related with a naturally formed, narrow, 

typically navigable waterway that connects 

two larger bodies of water?

A. Peninsula

B. Gulf

C. Strait

D. Island

Ques4. Which of the following is suitable

definition of ‘Archipelago’?

A. A circular coral reef that encloses a shallow 


B. A chain or set of islands grouped together.

C. The plant and animal life on the earth.

D. None of the above

Ques5. Which of the following is the largest 

Archipelago in the world?

A. Andaman & Nicobar Island

B. Malaysia

C. Indonesia

D. Maldives

Ques6. Which of the following is the world’s 

largest peninsula?

A. India

B. South Africa

C. Arabia

D. Both A & B

Ques7. Which of the following passes cuts 

through the Pir Panjal range and links Manali

and Leh by road?

A. Rohtas Pass

B. Mana Pass

C. Niti Pass

D. Nathula Pass

Ques8. Which of the following pass has been

created by the Indus River?

A. Rohtas Pass

B. Nathula Pass

C. Baralachala Pass

D. Banihal Pass

Ques9. Which passes make way to the land

route between Kailash and the Manasarovar?

A. Mana Pass

B. Rohtas Pass

C. Nathula Pass

D. Baralachala Pass

Ques10.Which of the following pass link the

Srinagar to Leh?

A. Mana Pass

B. Rohtas Pass

C. Nathula Pass

D. Zoji La Pass

Ques11. Which of the following imaginary line

almost divides India into two equal parts?

A. Equator

B. Tropic of Cancer

C. Tropic of Capricorn

D. Arctic Circle

Ques12. Which of the following water bodies

is the home of Lakshadweep?

A. Arabian Sea

B. Bay of Bengal

C. Indian Ocean

D. Atlantic Ocean

Ques13. Where is the Loktak Lake situated?

A. Kerala

B. Uttaranchal

C. Manipur

D. Rajasthan

Ques14. Which of the following water bodies  

separates the Andaman from the Nicobar?

A. 11° Channel

B. Gulf of Mannar

C. 10° Channel

D. Andaman Sea

Ques15. Which of the following hill ranges

dominated by the ‘Dodabeta’ peak?

A. Nilgiri hills

B. Anaimalai hills

C. Cardamom hills

D. Nallamala hills

Ques16. Which of the following river is called

as the ‘Sorrow of Bengal’?

A. The Gandak

B. The Kosi

C. The Son

D. The Damodar

Ques17. Which of the following river has the

largest river basin in India?

A. The Indus

B. The Ganga

C. The Brahmaputra

D. The Krishna

Ques18. Which of the following rivers is not

part of ‘Panchnad’?

A. The Ravi

B. The Indus

C. The Chenab

D. The Jhelum

Ques19. Which of the following rivers flows in

a rift valley?

A. The Son

B. The Yamuna

C. The Narmada

D. The Luni

Ques20. Which of the following longitudes is

the standard meridian of India?

A. 69°30’E

B. 75°30’E

C. 82°30’E

D. 90°30’E

Ques21. Which of the following places

receives the highest rainfall in the world?

A. Silchar

B. Cherrapunji

C. Mawsynram

D. Guw

Ques22. The constitution of Jammu & Kashmir

was framed by _____?

[A] The same constituent assembly which framed 

the constitution of India

[B] A special constituent assembly set up by 


[C] A special constituent assembly set up by state

[D] None of them

Ques23. Who is the first Chief Minister of Jammu

and Kashmir?

A. Hari Singh

B. Syed Mir Qasim

C. Ghulam Mohammed Sadiq

D. Sheikh Abdullah

Ques24. Which town in Jammu and Kashmir is 

also known as Apple Town ?

A. Sopore

B. Anantnag

C. Shupiyan

D. Jammu

Ques25. From which year the Constitution of 

Jammu and Kashmir was implement?

A. 1956

B. 1962

C. 1963

D. 1965

Ques26. Who bought Kashmir from the British?

A. Ranjit Singh

B. Mahadaji Scindia

C. Sayyajirao Gaekwad

D. Gulab Singh

Ques27. The Shalimar Bagh was Built by?

A. Akbar

B. Jahangir

C. Babur

D. Shah Jahan

Ques28. When was Kargil War?

A. 1965

B. 1971

C. 1987

D. 1999

Ques29. Between which mountain ranges is

Kashmir Valley located?

A. Himadri – Pir Pranjal

B. Shivalik – Himachal

C. Karakoram – Himachal

D. Himadri – Himachal

Ques30. The Hemis National Park is famous for?

A. Golden Eagle

B. Tiger

C. Wolf

D. Snow Leopard

Ques31. Which of the following states has the 

highest irrigation coverage?

A. Punjab

B. Karnataka

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. Uttarakhand

Ques32. Which of the following was a part of

the green revolution strategy?

A. High yielding variety seeds

B. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides

C. Irrigation

D. All the above

Ques33. McMohan line is the international 

border between ?

A. India and Pakistan

B. India and China

C. India and Bangladesh

D. Pakistan and China

D. Pakistan and China

Ques34. The highest dam of India is ?

A. Bhakra dam

B. Nagarjuna Sagar dam

C. Hirakud dam

D. Tehri dam

Ques35. The Radcliffe Line is the international  

border between ?

A. India and Pakistan

B. India and China

C. India and Bangladesh

D. India and Nepal

Ques36. The Durand Line is the international 

border between ?

A. Boundary line between Afghanistan and 


B. Boundary line between India and Pakistan

C. Boundary line between India and China

D. Boundary line between India and Burma

Ques37. Which are the twin cities?

A. Delhi and Faridabad

B. Mumbai and Pune

C. Hyderabad and Secunderabad

D. Bangalore and Mysore

Ques38. Which State of India touches the

boundaries of the largest number of other


A. Andhra Pradesh

B. Bihar

C. Madhya Pradesh

D. Uttar Pradesh

Ques39. Duncan Pass is located between ?

A. South and Little Andaman

B. North and South Andaman

C. North and Middle Andaman

D. Andaman and Nicobar

Ques40. Which State is called the sugar bowl

of India?

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Punjab

C. Andhra Pradesh

D. Bihar

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