Political Science Western Thought Notes For 5th Semester

Political Science Western Thought Notes For 5th Semester in Pdf File

There are also additional questions in pdf which are not in syllubus, students are advised to saw the syllubus first.

Some information in pdf

Aristotle had a conservative standpoint for the concept of citizenship. Aristotle explained a state as a collective body of citizens.Citizenship was not to be determined by residence since the resident aliens and slaves also shared a common residence with citizens but were not citizens. He describes citizen as a person who has the power to take part in the deliberative or judicial administration of any state. Aristotle specified that the young and the old could not be citizens, for one was immature and the other infirm.
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He did not regard women as citizens, for they lacked the deliberative faculty and the leisure to understand the working of politics. A good citizen would have the intelligence and the ability to rule and be ruled. Aristotle suggested a good citizen as somcould live in harmony with the constitution and had sufficient leisure time to devote himself to the tasks and responsibilities of citizens.

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